The “Canon”

Welcome to the Satellite of Fright

Out in the depths of space exists a mysterious object beyond reality itself.  A space station, fashioned with parts from various Cold-War USSR satellites and the famed ruins of Frankenstein's castle, drifts aimlessly across the cosmos in search of the darkest tales and brightest fables to exist in the universe.  Unfortunately for those on board, it is more often than not stories strung together with attempted care and a haunting outcome from these creations.  Those pieces of fiction come from fans who wish to see more from their favored franchises, but more often than not they go astray.  For these are the pieces that find their place on the Satellite, both to punish its inhabitants and to gain unforetold power.

The Location

Crafted from the bodies of US-K, Yantar-4K1, Soyuz-T, and TKS satellites from the 70's and 80's and the castle of Victor Frankenstein himself, the Satellite of Fright is a unique specimen in its class.  Though deriving most of its origins from Russia, it's not known who originally crafted the space vessel.  Kept impounded at Crazy Jerry's Exotic Ships and Mopeds for nearly twenty-seven years, it was discovered by a bright-eyed and willing man who saw the potential of such a wondrous vehicle.  Paying nearly thirty Quid, a chewed up paperclip and some pocket lint for the satellite, it took a little elbow grease to clear out the skeletons and old rotted furniture inside.  Despite his best efforts, the man couldn't find a way to start up its engines or power the large core at the center of the vessel.  That was, until one evening...

Thomas Mackay

A starry-eyed man with great dreams and ambitions.  Having bought the Satellite of Fright for a low price and towing it back home, he toiled day and night to make the machines inside work.  Taking along his closest friends to find a way to restore its poor condition, most of their efforts were met with failure.  Joking one day and visiting a few fan sites with their own fiction sections and reading them aloud earned a response from the computers inside.  Surprise consumed him, then excitement, and finally greed.  A strange lust to discover the untold depths of the Satellite willed him to read on, and before he knew it the entire castle was lit brightly.  So caught up in his excitement and fevered need to read more fanfiction, Thomas didn't realize that he was already on the craziest journey of his life...

Now decades later, Thomas is held together by those fictions which originally powered the Satellite of Fright.  Patches of his skin have changed color, his being shifted into the very things he read for himself now becoming his essence.  Becoming a literal 'Frankenstein's Monster', his appearance does not match his optimistic attitude he still holds to this day.  Maybe they'll all find their way back home, or to any home at all.  Maybe that's what he gets for getting a cursed satellite from a moped shop...

Josh Daul

One of the people brought on to repair the Satellite of Fright. While he is often loud and abrasive at times, he still finds moments to take in the tranquil peace found in the depths of space.  Though he wasn't there when Thomas discovered how to power the Satellite, he instigated him to read deeper and darker tales from the web.  Careless about the pieces that were read, this interest in stranger and more twisted works helped accelerate the process put upon them.  Finding themselves now trapped in space in a perpetual loop, he can't help but feel like the hopelessness only adds to the extremes he brings out in the group.

Much like the changes in the others, Josh succumbed to a strange virus not too long after their trip into space.  Shifting and changing his body, he now more resembles the Wolfman from stories of old.  Though given a thicker bit of hair and claws can be inconvenient, this hasn't stopped the high-ended shenanigans the crew often find themselves in.  From playing with the airlocks to starting a Poetry Cafe to assisting in the rearranging structure of the Castle, there isn't much that couldn't be traced back to him.  Despite this, no one seems to point it out.  And that's oddly convenient for him.

Taylor Adams

The ever-handsome rouge and brainiac of the Satellite of Fright.  Once a corporeal man that joined Thomas in resurrecting the Satellite, he found it incredibly impractical to own a satellite.  Seriously, who does that?  It's not like you can just fill it up at the local gas station.  These words fell on deaf ears and made him an unsuspecting victim of the Satellite's ill intentions.  Finding the void of space to be a reckless choice in locale, as well as a possible legal issue for the topics brought up, he tried desperately to leave the Satellite and do something more constructive with his life.

Finding the means of transcending the human body, Taylor has found a way to exist in the physical and spiritual realm.  Often resembling a brain in a jar with various tentacles, he freely haunts the halls of the Satellite of Fright and reminding people about the proper use of grammar and spelling.  Never one to back down from a challenge, the pieces brought about by the Satellite try his patience and prove that nothing is without faults.  Come on now, where are the commas?  He's even taken the matter into his own tentacles from time to time and has crafted fanfictions of his own to generate power for the Satellite.  Whenever he's had too much, his spiritual body leaves for a time to return to his regular podcast, Word Mashing!

Sidney Fritchley

The whimsical and well-rounded individual on the Satellite.  Coming from a far-off world of Belorg-214, Sidney found his way onto the space station at one point in time out of the interest of his people.  Though commonly mistaken for what appears to be 'a gorilla with a space helmet', this is often considered an insult to most of his kind.  But he doesn't mind the misconception.  Fascinated by human culture and society, he's given himself a proper name and sometimes works among the crew to see what comes from their readings.  His studies have been seen as 'inconclusive', but time will tell what these humans are like.

Though his visits can be brief, that hasn't stopped him from lounging about and assisting in repairs around the Satellite.  Using advanced technologies beyond the understanding of humans, he's helped increase the range of the Wi-Fi on the ship as well as upgrade the living conditions inside.  Even if it seems strange and foreign.  Though his note taking and optimism seems like a grace to those on the Satellite, it's hard to tell what his final intentions are for the crew...

Tanya Kahley

A whacky person with great ambitions.  Tanya was on the Satellite the day it launched into orbit.  Though not there to help fix it, she took interest in the various pieces of art and vast wine cellars residing in the depths of the ship.  Unaware of the sudden launch, she kept to her own machinations down below as she sampled finely aged wine and befriending the few creatures that still resided inside the Castle.  Days passed, then weeks, then years...

Emerging ages later, Tanya usurped the tyranny held over the rats for so long and became their Queen.  Reigning over the creatures that exist in the Satellite of Fright, she continues to sample the food and drink hidden away within the walls of the space vessel.  Though her body has changed and resembles an undead body, there is still liveliness in her form.  Dancing through the halls and singing the psalms of the rats, she continues to bring happiness and joy to her people in celebration of their continued success.  These actions sometimes cause short-circuiting, small fires, disassembled wires, and black-outs to parts of the ship, but these antics usually result in a more interesting time for all those aboard.  To the Rat Regime!  To Glory! To Wine!